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Loc Bun improved side profile
Loc Bun improvedbutterfly improved2014-03-29 20.30.02

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End Of Summer Promotion!!!

Hey I just want to let everyone know. That I have an end of Summer Promotion starting August 20th and ending October 10th. You’ll get 10% off the base price of Loc Maintence. For those of you who might be returning from vacation, going back to school, educators and other professionals. Also, if you refer a new customer that makes an appointment. You’ll receive 10% off your next Loc Grooming.

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Before and After

Nia Before…

Nia After…

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New Locs

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The Loc Bun

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Summer Styles

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Young Locs

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Spring coupon is now available!!!

The 2013 Spring/Summer coupon is here!

New customers can save $15 on their first Wednesday appointment now through the end of the summer.

Make your appointment for a Wednesday, print and bring the coupon and save $15!!!

Click here to print your coupon.

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Why we use Dr. Bronner’s

At Just Locs, we use a liquid soap called Dr. Bronner’s to wash locs prior to any other hair care process.

Dr. Bronnars is an all natural, organic all-in-one liquid soap, shampoo and moisturizer. I have used this product ONLY for all of my washing needs for over 20 years. This soap is able to penetrate locs for a full and complete clean. It removes residue, oils, and (of course) the dirt that bonds to and through locked hair. For clients who dye their hair, this is the only product I have used that is able to completely remove excess dye which tends to sit on outer layer of locs during the dying process. After washing dyed hair with Dr. Bronner’s, I don’t have issues with access dye on clothing, face or hands.

Clients comment regularly about my use of Dr. Bronner’s. With it’s scent and cleaning power, clients are most impressed with the way their scalp tingles during and locs feel after washing.

Dr. Bronner’s is a castile based soap with an added combination of organic extra virgin coconut, olive, jojoba and hemp oils, as well as pure essential oils. It lathers well, and cleans the scalp and locs thoroughly. You can learn more about Dr. Bronner’s by visiting his website: www.drbronner.com.

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Locked hair does not need gel…

Holding gel is an important part of the maintenance process for locs. However, a mistake commonly made during this process is the application of this gel throughout the length of the loc. This action (applying gel throughout a loc) will lead to issues with locs that can be avoided.

Once hair is locked, nothing else needs to be done for locs to remain locked. Locs are permanent – although there are some who claim to be able to undo locs – they are created by strands of dead hair knotting together. Once this has occurred locs will stay in place and do not need any chemical, cream, or gel to stay locked. What every person with locs needs to understand is the pores of locs are small. They are so tiny that gel cannot penetrate into the loc and instead rests on the outside of the loc, leaving a residue. This residue eventually turns into a grayish film, causing locs to look dirty.

That all said, gel can be used on new growth when palm rolling locs for maintenance. Only a small amount should be used on clean hair. Be mindful, this gel is really just to hold new growth into place as it begins to lock. As I have said so many times on this blog – it is not the gel that makes the loc, it is the dead hair which knots together that will cause new growth to loc eventually. So don’t overdo it and do not damage locs by applying gels, creams or chemicals that are not necessary.

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