The Five Stages of Locking Your Hair : Part #2

We’re back for Part #2 of our informational blog post on the five stages of locking your hair.  We’re diving into one of the most critical stages in the locking process, The Budding Stage.

The budding stage is one of the most revered stages in locking your hair and the point where many people decide to quit. The hair is puffy and no longer glossy, thin and smooth.   This is the first sign that your locs are no longer in the baby loc phase.  The average person becomes impatient at this point in their loc journey and starts asking themselves “Why has my hair not locked yet?”

Well, the hair hasn’t locked yet mainly because you’re at the part of your loc journey where your hair hasn’t quite shed enough to secure your locs in place.  Many people attribute hair textures and curl patterns to how much time it will take for their hair to loc.  In reality, it really comes down to how fast and how much does your hair shed.

Once your hair has reached a point where the shedding hair has built up, the locs firm up tightly and you are on your way to the next stage…

Stay tuned for the next blog featuring The Five Stages of Locking your Hair where we will go into detail about the third stage, The Growing Stage.

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The Five Stages of Locking Your Hair : Part #1

Hello to all from The Just Locs Salon.   We are kicking off today’s blog post with Part #1 in a 5 part series explaining the 5 stages of locking your hair.

Today’s post will start with the first stage, the Pre-Lock Stage.

Pre-Lock Stage:

Starter locs are the beginning of the locking stage.  The hair should be parted in diamond shapes to provide the best pattern for the beginning stages of your locs. This is the best parting system, compared to squares which are common as well.  Locking is not an overnight sensation, and based on your hair type,  the time needed for your hair to lock will vary.  When starting your locks they should be maintained on a monthly basis to get the best results.

This concludes part # 1 in our 5 Part series on the 5 stages of locking.  Stay tuned for our next blog post where we will go into detail about the second stage, The Budding Stage.

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Loc Products You Don’t Need for Your Locs

In today’s blog, we want to share with you some tips on three loc products you don’t need to use on your locs.   Many of us find ourselves clueless on what the best hair care loc products are for our locs early in our natural hair journey.

The most important thing to know is what not to use.  If you’re not careful you could easily find yourself caught up in the hype of so many products on the market now.

We’ve listed three loc products below and they all can have the same effect on your locs.

  1. BeesWax

  2. Leave in Conditioner

Ther’s one primary reason not to use these loc products on your locs and it all comes down to build up!

Buildup — Your locs are tightly coiled which means they can retain residue and buildup easily.  This is not healthy for your locs and could lead to blocked pores, greyish appearance in your dreds, accumulation of lint, and it can make it extremely hard to color your hair.

When starting your dreadlock journey beware of these products which can affect the appearance of your locs.  Stay tuned for our next article featuring three products we recommend for use on your locs.

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3 Reasons Why You Should Loc Your Hair and Not Be Afraid

We often find ourselves unsure if we want to loc our hair or not afraid of how we might be limited if we do.  There are many myths that can discourage you from starting your path to having those long flowing locs you dreamed of having.  We’ve highlighted three main reason why should loc your hair and not be afraid below.  This should help you understand better why getting locs can be the best decision you’ve ever made for your natural hair.

1. See Your  True Potential Growth

Many people of color struggle to get their hair to grow and have legth.  So we often result to wearing weaves and braid extensions for legth.  Locs allow you to get the length you want healthy and naturally. We are often unaware of the damaging effects created from combing our hair aswell.  The best option of protecting your hair and being able to witness it’s true growth comes from getting locs.  Locs allow your hair to grow freely and safely, especially when properly maintained.

2. Flexible Styles

When you’re thinking about starting your loc journey you will often find yourself fearful that it will require too much maintenance and limit your looks.  This is one of the biggest myths concerning locs.   Locs allow you to be just as flexible as your unlocked hair. Although, locs don’t necessarily allow you to wear weaves, but curls, multiple styles, and braids are still a possibility.

3. Healthiest Way to Maintain Natural Hair

None of the styles available to you when you have locs require extreme heat that can kill   and damage your hair.  When your’re not experienced in natural hair care, it can cause a lot of confusion and headaches.  When you loc your hair, maintenance is simplified, especially when you have an expert loctitian.   Salon visits are only required once per month to keep your locs looking flawless.

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New Natural Hair Loc Looks For the Summer by Just Locs

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Top 3 Favorite DreadLoc Styles

Just Locs Dreadlock Salon Brooklyn New York City Shares Some of our Favorite Styles

Some people believe that having dreadlocks limit your from style opportunities like those you can get from traditional hair looks.  Don’t get it twisted, (pun intended) dreadlocks are no different from any other hair and the styles you can do are unlimited.  Practically any style you can do with you natural/extensions can be done with locs.

Here at Just Locs we’re highlighting three of our favorite Loc styles.  Of course, we have an endless list of styles that we like but we’re gonna start you off with three for this natural hair blog post.

For each of the following three styles; barrel twist, flat twist, and two strand twists, we will share pictures and a video explanation.

Barrel Roll Twist


Flat Twists

Two Strand Twist


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Male Loc Maintenance

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Dreadlock Maintenance

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Best Dreadlock Salon | NY

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