New Natural Hair Loc Looks For the Summer by Just Locs

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Top 3 Favorite DreadLoc Styles

Just Locs Dreadlock Salon Brooklyn New York City Shares Some of our Favorite Styles

Some people believe that having dreadlocks limit your from style opportunities like those you can get from traditional hair looks.  Don’t get it twisted, (pun intended) dreadlocks are no different from any other hair and the styles you can do are unlimited.  Practically any style you can do with you natural/extensions can be done with locs.

Here at Just Locs we’re highlighting three of our favorite Loc styles.  Of course, we have an endless list of styles that we like but we’re gonna start you off with three for this natural hair blog post.

For each of the following three styles; barrel twist, flat twist, and two strand twists, we will share pictures and a video explanation.

Barrel Roll Twist


Flat Twists

Two Strand Twist


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Male Loc Maintenance

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Dreadlock Maintenance

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Best Dreadlock Salon | NY

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DSCN0007[1] (1) DSCN0008[2] DSCN0013[1]

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Natural hair care bed stuy

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Dreadlocks Care

2014-11-29_08.15.53_1If you’re on the lookout for high-quality dreadlocks or for dreadlock upkeep, you can stop right now. Just Locs is available to handle all of your dreadlock needs, period. Our business has been providing our loyal customers with the finest dreadlocks and services for more than two decades now. Just Locs began in 1995 when our founder realized that locating talented locticians at black hair salons wasn’t an easy process, especially in comparison to braiding hairstylists. As far as skilled and talented dreadlock grooming goes, we’re the finest choice around. We even offer lock extension service. At Just Locs, the aim is to provide all clients with locks that are simultaneously gorgeous and healthy. If you want gorgeous and healthy locks, regular upkeep is the way to go, no exceptions. Our business is notable due to our use of natural oils. Not many dreadlock businesses depend on natural oils the way we do. Our business provides potential clients with an exciting incentive to come to us for service. If you’re looking for dreadlock upkeep or grooming service, stop by Just Locs on Wednesday to take advantage of our offer. Come visit us on Wednesday we will give you maintenance or grooming, we’ll charge you a mere $75.00 for new clients. If you’re passionate about looking good and saving your hard-earned dollars, this discount will be pretty hard for you to pass up. When it comes to dreadlock grooming, Just Locs is unparalleled. We have a strong grasp on the structure of human hair. This is why we can offer all of our clients the best grooming assistance in and around Bed Stuy, Brooklyn. We have a keen awareness of how all the layers of hair shafts work, from the cortex to the medulla and cuticle. We take pride in our hair work here at Just Locs and that quality is apparent in the attentive and diligent services we offer all of our clients. Gorgeous hair and dreadlocks are a labor of love for us here at Just Locs. If you’re interested in keeping your locks in the finest condition possible, come to us for routine grooming assistance. Regular grooming will guarantee that your locks will remain soft, smooth, glossy and lovely. It will also help to minimize frustrating hair damage. If you’re concerned that your locks are damaged and weak, grooming is the way to go for you. Dreadlocking grooming and upkeep services are far from our only available services here at Just Locs. If you have a specific hair need, let us know and we’ll do what we can to make you smile. We’re committed to making our clients feel good about themselves and about their hair, too. If you’re interested in working with us here at Just Locs, call us today to pencil in an appointment. You can even contact us to schedule lock consultation. If you want advice on how to skillfully look after your locks, talk to us. We can provide you with must-have info that’s tailored to your specific hairstyle, hair thickness and overall length. We’re proud to say that we know hair here at Just Locs, to say the least.

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Best loctician

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Just Locs |Styles | just locs pics


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