Dreadlocks Salon in NYC Gallery

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Our experienced dreadlock salon NYC provides the utmost level of quality dreadlocks natural hair care. Check out our gallery showing just how versatile and experienced our loctician is.  When it comes to good Dreadlocks Salon in NYC with great reviews you have found the perfect place.  Give us a call and come in for your first consultation and quality treatment today, you won’t be disappointed.

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What is Your Style for Your Dreadlocks

Don’t worry, we specializes in multiple forms of creative dreadlock styling.  With over ten years of experience our Brooklyn NY loctician has knowledge of multiple styles for all lengths of dreadlocks.  Take a look at some of the dreadlocks styles our Brooklyn dreadlocks salon has already created.  Have a style you want but you don’t see it here, bring it in and we can try our best to make the best dreadlock style for you.

Dreadlock Grooming and Hair Care

Dreadlocks hair care tips vary depending on your hair texture, dreadlocks can be started with hair as short as one inch.  Never use beeswax or heavy grease on dreadlocks because pores of locs are so minute the grease wax will sit on dreadlocks and cause dreadlocks to have a gray film and collect lint. Regular hot oil treatments are essential to healthy locs.

General Do’s And Dont’s Of Dreadlocks Hair Care

Do not wash hair between visits.
Do not use gel in between visits unless you use a dryer after using gel.
If your scalp gets dirty between visits, use an astringent, like Witch Hazel.
Cover your locs at night with a dark colored scarf or wrap. Light colored materials can get caught in locs and create lint.

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