Dreadlocks Hair Care Tips

Dreadlocks Hair Care Photo from Just Locs The Best Loctician in BrooklynStarting And Maintaining Your Locs

Dreadlocks hair care tips vary depending on your hair texture, locs can be started with hair as short as one inch.
Never use beeswax or heavy grease on locs because pores of locs are so minute the grease wax will sit on locs and cause locs to have a gray film and collect lint. Regular hot oil treatments are essential to healthy locs.

General Do’s And Dont’s Of Dreadlocks Hair Care

Do not wash hair between visits.
Do not use gel in between visits unless you use a dryer after using gel.
If your scalp gets dirty between visits, use an astringent, like Witch Hazel.
Cover your locs at night with a dark colored scarf or wrap. Light colored materials can get caught in locs and create lint.

Dreadlocks Grooming

Lastly, there is dreadlocks grooming. Dreadlocks hair care grooming comes with the understanding of the hair structure. Human hair is divided into two specific parts, which are the shaft and the root. There are however three layers of the hair shaft, which are the cuticle, the cortex, and the medulla. The cuticle layer is usually transparent and overlaps in shingle-like layers. To get a nice hair look, they should be flat and smoother thereby creating a shiny and healthy lock. Anytime these cuticle layers are damaged, the hair begins to get a dull and damaged look. During the dreadlocks hair care grooming process when the cuticle is damaged, the locking process is accelerated since the tangling helps entangle them, and it is key to the dread locking process. This means that the look of dullness in your dreadlocs present an aesthetics problem.

Regular grooming will keep your dreadlocks looking smooth, repair damaged hair and ensure that your locs shine. Anyone with fluffy, frizzy, puffed up and dull looking dreadlocks is welcome to come in for dreadlocks grooming and enjoy polished, smooth locs. This is made possible by the fact that repaired strands of hair dont give off that dull and unkempt look. Thus, the grooming process will, in the end, result in a healthy and aesthetically pleasing dreadlock style.

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