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Just Locs Salon NYC has the Best Brooklyn Loctician in New York City

Just Locs Salon NYC began with the recognition that although traditional black hair care salons had stylists who could braid hair, very few of them had locticians in the mid-1990s. Just Locs Salon NYC opened its doors to its first customer in 1995, and it continues to build a clientele base in Brooklyn.

This Locs salon NYC is driven by a desire to help its clients have healthy and beautiful locs. For this to happen, we are determined to offer proper loc maintenance to all clients because it is the key to healthy locs. Over twenty years of experience in loc cultivation and maintenance is what makes this business stand out from my competition. We cannot overlook the fact that the hairstylists here specialize in working with natural hair.

Mens Long Dreadlocs Sideview - Locs Salon NYCWe also offer other natural hair care services for those who want to maintain the natural look of their hair.  Keeping your hair natural and caring for it helps protect it from thinning and breaking.  Proper hair care is achieved by using specific products that give it a natural look.  We hope that you give us a call and schedule an appointment so that we can truly show you our quality loc services.

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Loc Maintenance Palm Rolling
Loc Repair
Loc Maintenance for Kids
Loc Grooming
Loc Washing
Loc Natural Oil Treatment
Loc Braided Style
Loc Two Strand Twist
Simple Loc Updo
Barrel Twists
Loc Bantu Knots 


Note from Marceline: Please be on time for your appointment. Just Locs Salon NYC appointments that are not honored within 20 minutes of your set appointment time with no notification of a late arrival may have subject to a $25.00 late fee. Please provide at least 24 hour notice to cancel a scheduled appointment. Appointments not honored are subject to a $25.00 fee. Thank You.