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When choosing the best stylist or loctician for your dreadlocks it’s important to check out the reputation of a salon to be sure you know what you’re getting yourself into.  Our specialist, Marceline, has been in the business for nearly twenty years and her Dreadlock Salon Brooklyn has consistently been proven to be one of the best in the tri-city area.

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David said:

Thank you Marceline for the countless years of excellent service. I have always been satisfied. Thank you again.

Stephen said:

Just Locs has been my salon of choice for the past 12 years. I have been to other places in between visits only due to laziness on my part to take the drive from Long Island to Brooklyn. I can honestly say you do get what you pay for. Marceline specializes in locs, hence the name Just Locs, for that personal refined experience whether you are just starting locs or maintaining locs. Just Locs gives you that personalized atmosphere you would get in your neighborhood barbershop. Great conversation, nice aroma made of oils, and an occasional music lesson from Marceline's catalog of great music. Enjoy your experience as I always do. Beautiful hair produces a beautiful smile.

Justin said:

Have been coming to Marceline for a while now and very happy with the results my locs looked horrible before I came to her and I had scalp issues that she got under control she's more into hair care than just locking your hair she goes the extra mile to make sure your hair is healthy.

Patrice said:

Marceline started my locs more than 12 years ago & no one else touch has touched my hair since. I often get great compliments about how well & beautiful my locs are from both men & women, I have been offered may times by others for me and try their services. I'm more than satisfied with her services, that is why no one else has touched my hair since she started it, there is no need to. I'm in the entertainment business, so appearance is everything to me, a well maintained looking locs says a lot about a person & how they treat & carry their persona. All people have before knowing you is how you appear to them. Personal grooming is a big part of that. Just Locs by Marceline sets the bar so high for me to continue to maintain the look that's all important in my professional appearance. there is no other option for me when it comes to maintaining my locs. Highly recommended.

Kristian said:

Been going to Marcy for about 7 months now and I am absolutely satisfied with my hair each and every visit. I originally was going to a different shop to start my locs. I went to that shop about 3xs to restart the process because I disliked the outcome. So one day my husband and I stumbled across Marcy's Just Locs and for the 4th time I got my locs started but this time I was very pleased w/ the outcome. Marcy is very sweet and takes great care of me and my husband's hair. He often jokes about cutting his off and starting over because he saw the process and difference I went through. I will be there every month!

Aleah said:

I am so thankful to Marceline. She is a skilled loctician with many years of experience. In addition to being very knowledgeable about her work she has a very warm and pleasant demeanor. I will definitely be going back to her and recommending her to my friends and associates.

Amber said:

I had my first appointment with Marceline about 5 weeks ago. I learned so much about how to take care of my hair and left feeling confident and happy with my results. After my appointment I received so many compliments on my hair. I am on my second appointment and I am just as happy as I was the first time. Marceline is definitely great at what she does!

Chareen said:

If you are looking for an authentic cultural and ethnic experience go to Just Locs. your locs will be nourished with organic shampoo exotic fragrant oils and a hairstyle that will have all you encounter look at you with sheer admiration. Each time I leave Just Locs I not only feel but KNOW I'm BEAUTIFUL. The different oils that are used has strangers telling me how wonderful I smell. I travel over 2 hours to Just Locs for that repeated feeling.

Ruth said:

I went to JUST LOCS 2 weeks ago,My Hair is still looking good. My friends and Family have been commenting on How Great My Hair looks and smell. I love the way Marceline Treated Me as Well as My Hair. Her Fingers were like magic! The Shop was very clean and organized. I cannot wait for my next visit. I enjoyed Myself!

David said:

Thank you Marceline for the countless years of excellent service. I have always been satisfied. Thank you again.

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